Brutal mixture of Metal, Hardcore and Thrash… This is how The Burning themselves characterize their music (“brutal” term aside) and I’m sure nobody will beg to differ. The Danish dudes drive a hi-freq bulldozer, the voice is barbaric and crunchy, like a radio-thing, roughness is all over the place and themes are pounding on 2/2, with the snare drum leading and double-bass drumming killing.
Yep, this is exactly what you were thinking about… Heavy Moshing soundtrack. Picture the following. Pantera meet Sepultura and decide to jam on the spot… Yeah, something like that. The band said this is their most uncompromising album to date and they left some lil’ glitches in it, just because they wanted us to think we are part of the recording procedure; like we are there, in the studio with the boys, feeling the amps smoking!
The group wrote seventeen songs and then picked twelve to go to the album. Those of you into it, you will be impressed by their passion and power. Those of you not totally into it, you will be wondering. “Wow, so much passionate hate! Could it be”? Yes, it could! They own it!