In a recent interview on SiriusXM, Steve Harris, defended the two Blaze Baylery era albums. When he was asked why the band plays from that era he said: “We’re doing ‘The Clansman’, which is from ‘Virtual XI’, and we’re doing ‘Sign Of The Cross’, which is from ‘The X Factor’. We’ve done ’em before, anyway, with Bruce; he really likes those songs, so he was really happy to do ’em. And I’m not gonna complain, ’cause I’m happy with doing ’em songs. But I think it just mixes the set up a bit. I know that those albums are not as well known as some of the other albums, especially over here in the States, but they’re really good songs, and live, I think, they come into their own. So, yeah, it makes for an interesting set”. When he was asked if he still stands behind Blaze’s material he said: “Oh, definitely. I said at the time that I thought a lot of people would, in the future, get into those albums a lot more and maybe understand ’em a bit more and give ’em more of a chance. And that’s what’s happening — loads of people are really enjoying those albums more now. I think there’s some really, really good songs on both those albums, and they stand out to me as most of our other albums. But it’s like anything — I think you need to hear the stuff a few times, and I think a lot of people couldn’t get past the fact that we had a different singer, and it was one of those things. But it was well received more in the rest of the world, really; the U.S. was a little bit more awkward. But I think a lot more people are finding that they’re giving it a second chance, if you like, and actually really enjoying ’em.”