The first thing that I was anticipating from this album is to listen to a classic Cult sound. The second expectation of mine had to do with the possibility of be treated with a similar atmosphere to those late 80s glory days of the band when Cult seemed invincible. Naturally, I wasn’t expecting from The Cult to record yet another “Wild Flower”, “Rain” or “Fire Woman”.

The first thing was secured…it was a classic Cult sound. “Choice of Weapon” doesn’t leave any doubt as right from the first note one can instantly realize that this is The Cult we are listening to. As for our second part of our expectations, let’s just say that this is not a record that disappoints you yet it is not the essential addition to the illustrious catalogue of The Cult. It is simply OK and adequate enough to be promoted from the label. It contains a good radio friendly track called “A Pale Horse” and an excellent slow song “Life – Death”. In our time and age, we must really be satisfied with it. As for the rest of the songs, they are more or less fillers to complete the tracklisting.

I will leave a positive mark on the “Choice of Weapon”. I may not over-listen to it but I really appreciate the fact that The Cult still support the sound that once catapulted them to rock stardom. Actually that could be used as a model for other bands of that era that have abandoned their trademark sound.


The Cult