The Cult of Destiny – The Cult of Destiny


This is the debut for those Northmen, as far as this band is concerned though, because their individual millage is huge, in bands like The Carburetors and Chrome Division.

The specific project is mostly oriented to classic metal, unlike the members’ previous bands. Eddie Guz’s grain is all weather and matches perfectly with Cult Of Destiny’s style. He has no problem at all to sing Judas Priest-like metal with his own swaggery way, and when the circumstances are right he unleashes his raspy vocals in full power, just like on the title-track, which is more rock’n’roll-y. The albums packs in everything, full speed, melodies, even a ballad.

Don’t go looking for hidden meanings, or the deeper point of things. This is a fun album and the goal is to make you headbang, drink loads of beers and distribute its primal energy. That’s the reason for the cover of KISS’s “I Was Made For Loving You”, which they play like Motörhead would.