The Dahmers – In The Dead Of Night


Second album for the Swedish youngsters, following “Demons” of 2015. The recipe is exactly the same. Horror pop (yes pop), with punk energy and rock ‘n’ roll guitars. Everything here is determined by the style of the vocals and the general (dirty) feel good mood. The lyrics are about the dead, slaughters, monsters, blood and other horror beauties. Do not get confused with the above “pop”, the band is not Blink 182 for God’s sake. In their music, in addition to the fast-paced garage rhythms and 60’s pop (here it is again), heavier elements are also included.

“The night has just begun” with the extreme vocals, stands out, as well as the best song of the album – “Nightcrawler”, which especially in the second part pays tribute to AC / DC, while in “Cut me down” I swear I heard a few (just a few) The Devil’s Blood (hence Rocky Erickson). The guitars in general however, kick ass, considering that this is a genre that does not require great abilities.

Interesting young band, and who knows, you might get hooked on them.