Foreigner’s acoustic side through the prism of the biggest selling hits as they reach our ears with the aid of Mick Jones’ guitar and the sensational voice of Kelly Hansen…this could be an accurate description of Foreigner’s new work; a band that seems to be riding a wave of popularity and inspiration once again. Just think about it: since 2009, Foreigner has come up with two excellent albums (a studio and a live one), a tour with Journey & Styx and now an excellent unplugged record. Not bad for a band that has seen really bad days in the previous decade. The key factor is non other than singer Kelly Hansen who managed to achieve what seemed initially to be unachievable: he does a hell of a job in replacing Lou Gramm.
Now, don’t expect an exquisite analysis of “Acoustique”…one can find in there the majority of Foreigner’s hits in stripped down, basic versions without pompous production and (of course) electric guitars…with the addition, though, of saxophone when needed.  The whole atmosphere reminds of similar albums that mainly came out in the 90s and all I can say is that this is yet another great recording opus by Foreigner.

Highlight: All the collectors out there should keep an eye on the various editions of the album…