The Evil Powers Of Rock’n’Roll Vol.1 – Cobra Cult, Hot Breath, The Dust Coda, R.I.P.


For a long time now I was thinking of creating a column about raw, primitive rock’n’roll that praised, and still do actually, by bands such as the Hellacopters, Supersuckers (from whom the name came up), Backyard Babies, Nashville Pussy and I guess you got the idea… but if you haven’t… walk this way! Yiannis Dolas

Cobra Cult – Second Gear

When you are dealing with Scandinavian frenzy rawk, then I guess 23 minutes are enough!

Probably, that’s what Cobra Cult had in mind when they were making this 8-song mototov cocktail, where no tune exceeds the 3-minute mark. Johann Lindhult on lead vocals gives an occult, black magic kind of feel, while some dark riffs that are unleashed put a slight doom & gloom touch to the whole thing, that actually fits really well.

If I had to find something that sounds similar to Cobra Cult, I’d probably say Lucifer after getting a shot of horse steroids!

Hot Breath – Rubbery Lips

That’s a veterans’ debut, since this is indeed Hot Breath’s first album, but that’s not the case for its members who used to play in Honeymoon Disease, Hypnos, and Grand.

They know how to launch a raw and primitive attack of killer riffs full of energy and attitude. Fronted by Jennifer Israelson the bans shows its teeth with sort and simple compositions, straight to the point with a devastating pace that won’t let you breath. If we had to make any comparisons because of their past and especially with Honeymoon Disease, I have to say that this lot is heavier and with a more straightforward approach, while Jennifer sounds like a different singer.

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The Dust Coda – Mojo Skyline

I didn’t know these guys, where they come from, but Dust Coda are the fresh-iest (sic) in rock’n’roll at the moment.

After seeing an ad somewhere, or whatever I was curious enough to spin “Mojo Skyline” to check out what the fuss was all about. Well, that was is! These guys RAWK! Full throttle, gigantic Zeppelin guitars, solos that make Joe Perry proud, a frontman coming straight out of a wet dream and a band with glaring eyes.

All these if you don’t have the songs to back it up is nothing of course, but Dust Coda deliver high quality material. The album is full and rich. The energy is there in fast songs, but the slower ones also stick to your mind, proving that none of all that is a coincidence! It’s obvious that these guys had the best possible influences that lead the way to their destination. We are happy that they take us along for the ride!

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R. I. P. – Dead End

As a big fan of rawk I couldn’t remain indifferent from that monument of filth, swagger and attitude. This kind of album is why this column came up in the first place!

These guys are amazing. Starting with the great cover, which in the beginning I thought this was another Thunderstick album, but it wasn’t!

Their recipe is quite simple: you put everything on 11 and after that everything falls into place. The foursome gives an unfair fight with its instruments, raising all the knobs on their amps testing the manufacturer’s limits.

What comes out is a mix of ‘70s rock, stoner and doom, that could have sounded like Motörhead, but it’s sometimes melodic!

The atmosphere is heavy and listening to the album makes you nervous, claustrophobic while your worst nightmares return to haunt you! Scary!