Dead Lord – Dystopia [EP] (Century Media)

Dead Lord Dystopia

The Swedes Thin Lizzy maniacs release a covers EP with an interesting selection of songs.

First of all, the super hit from D-A-D “Sleeping My Day Away” that becomes more rock’n’roll-y with some Dead Lord touches. But, the one that steals the show is the immortal “Moonchild”, originally by Rory Gallagher. I really can’t remember any other band having covered this legendary song and this cover surely won’t let anybody down. It’s a bit different, closer to the band’s style but still full of heart. Note that it was also included in “Surrender” limited edition, like Moon Martin’s “Hands Down”, as well as “I staden som aldrig slumrar till”, which is actually Dead Lord’s “Letter From Allen St” in Swdish…

We are waiting for the next full length…

The Chuck Norris Experiment – This Will Leave A Mark (Transubstans)

These guys are a guarantee of an orgy-like, wild, up-lifting rock’n’roll that makes your feet, arms and… butt(!) move to the rhythm. Here comes another great album from the band, that yup can listen to from beginning to end again and again.

Seems like The Chuck Norris Experiment are always in top shape and ready to party.

Komodor – Nasty Habits (Soulseller Records)

Honestly, listening to the French band’s Komodor debut you may think that you are transported in another dimension is time at the magical decades of the ‘60s and ‘70s and most specifically to the turning point of those hugely important eras for rock music. Where garage met psychedelia and they both welcomed hard rock.

Spontaneously, the Alice Cooper Band, Humble Pie, T.Rex, the Scandinavian school of the ‘90s will pop in your mind. “Nasty Habits” is an exceptional revival album, a master class in mixing and taking advantage of your influences to make something that you certainly can’t call, original, but definitely your own.

The guitars are just amazing, sometimes with less and sometimes with more distortion, fuzzy, or not, but always with tons of attitude that drives this album. The vocals are sometimes more “hippy” – like and some others more like a choir, painting the songs with their own unique color.

Danko Jones – Power Trio (Mate In Germany)

The Canadian and his band are back with a dynamite of an album. He maintains a streak of great releases that are full of swagger, energy and inspiration. No matter what type of music you play, or any genre it’s not easy to continuously release great albums, but Danko seems to manage to do exactly that. There is no song that clocks more than three minutes here, you don’t nned more, do you?

Nighthawk – Midnight Hunter (self released)

This is actually a solo release from Captain Black Beard’s bassist, Robert Majd, who assembles a great cast of special guests who add their touch in a great release.

Most of the songs have something that will make you remember them, the playing is great and the sound is very rich even including keyboards in some parts. What is key is that the album contains variety, not too many clichés and that Majd knows that putting the pedal to the metal is not the only thing that matters. Along with rawk’s dirt and swagger comes a flash of ‘80s. The albums highlights are “I Will Survive” that reminded me of Alice Cooper and “I Used To Love This City” with Björn Strid on vocals.

Yiannis Dolas