Fallon was a commercial hard rock band from New Jersey in the early 1990s.Fallon was a proficiently sound and sturdy band that had all the makings of a national prime time act, and they should’ve made it big considering all the talent running through this band.

Most notably, the band centers around lead singer Matt Fallon, who was the very first singer in Skid Row. Yes! Before Sebastian Bach. Matt teamed up with guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo in 1986 and helped the formation of Skid Row in its early years. Playing the later to be hits in the clubs like “Youth Gone Wild” and “18 And Life”, recording at Jon Bon Jovi’s studio, and opening shows for Bon Jovi were some of the highlights of young Fallon’s career. As if that weren’t a strong enough legacy, Matt Fallon was also the lead singer in Anthrax in 1984 before Joey Belladonna.