The Gathering – Disclosure

I will be harsh on a band that I really admire because I think that’s the right way to approach the new albums by a favorite band of yours. What this Dutch band has offered in their genre is something well documented; after all, the musical depth of the songs is wide and their capabilities undeniably great. Having said that, I also know that all these don’t guarantee a respectively great new release.

Since Anneke left the band, The Gathering seemed to be confined in those aforementioned merits of theirs and they don’t seem to be able to bring them forth on the new songs. All the best qualities in the musical world don’t make a new album when the compositions themselves are not up to a certain qualitative level. I am absolutely certain that the average metal fan will not remember anything after a few months regarding this new album by The Gathering.

I am not saying that “Disclosure” is a band album; all I am saying is that it doesn’t have any specific reason to belong to the band’s illustrious catalogue. Apart from being a rather indifferent sonic effort, at the same time it verifies what I have been saying three years ago when I reviewed “The West Pole”: the band is following slowly but steadily a downhill course. You see I am not satisfied with a simply OK stuff and OK comments on the new The Gathering songs (although the familiar atmosphere is still present). I demand -yes, I demand- perfect songs from a band of The Gathering’s level. So, I can’t accept the fact that the best thing that the new album has to offer is its cover sleeve!

I am expecting a better future course for this band. Also, it will be a major mishap and mistake if the blame will be put on Silje. Yes, she is not Anneke but then again she is not the core of the problem…