The Giant’s Fall – The Giant’s Fall


Mike Bass is mostly known as the frontman of Lucky Funeral (a great band that unfortunately isn’t active anymore) but also from Bone to Rust. In 2018 he recorded four tracks for his solo project, The Giant’s Fall. He uploaded the tracks at the project’s bandcamp and those lucky enough that dropped by had the chance to listen to them. But here we are, four years later and those tracks take a second chance since the “The Giant’s Fall” Ep is back to light as an album from FYC Records, containing an extra track.

At first the tracks could be found digitally only at FYC’s bandcamp but on February 28 they will be released on digipak cd (limited to 100 copies). As I said an extra track is included since Mike recorded a new composition.

The album’s main theme is based on Greek mythology and more specifically on Talos, a huge -human like- creature made of bronze that is considered the first robot in history but mostly known as the guardian of Crete. But here’s the catch, the album is actually instrumental and all the pictures we actually see and imagine are created through the music patterns but also through the matching cover art.

So, what about the music itself? The Giant’s Fall walk on some doom paths, paths with slow tempo where the repeating drumming drugs you into drone bubble that traps you inside and carries you away. Along with the drumming you can also find of course some expected heavy guitar riffs and a crawling bass in perfect harmony with the other organs. Special mention must be made on “Dark Inside”, not because it is that different than the other compositions but its length (10:38) is ideal to take you to a trip away from the boring reality (don’t forget to check the video they made for it). Last but not least, although there are no lyrics on ¨The Giant King¨ you can here samples of the anti-war speech of  Martin Luther King…