The Hellacopters – Eyes Of Oblivion


I remember how depressed I felt when I received The Hellacopters final album, “Head Off”, after they announced their break up. So, the news of their reunion a few years ago, as well as the release of a new album with original material got me so excited, but at the same time no expectations.

You see, as it usual happens, reunion albums can be very strong and inspired, if the motive is pure and innocent and on the other hand indifferent if it’s only for the money. Of course that’s not a rule. Plus the comparisons with previous releases and bygone eras is unfair, but inevitable.

The changes within the band, the style, the music might be several and that too is inevitable.

In the Swedes rock’n’roll giants’ case the things are very clear. The album is magnificent. Is it their best? Yes, it’s the best Hellacopters album for 2022. If it was still 1998, then things would have been different and the same goes for this album. Nicke, after his former bandmate Strings death, recruits original member Dregen, who left the band to form Backyard Babies and bassist Dolf DeBorst from his other band, Imperial State Electric and he is presenting us what’s supposed to follow “By The Grace Of God” and “Rock’n’Roll Is Dead”. The sound is richer than ever and the production is better than ever. But, most importantly the songs are awesome, all killers – no filler. “Eyes Of Oblivion” is filled with energy, imagination and creativity. It also presents us some new aspects of the Hellacopters sound, closer to the British ‘60s- ‘70s (“Tin Fold Doldier”), even the American South, while still Ace Frehley is their hero.

This is an album that you listen to beginning to end again and again…