The Hollywood Vampires – The Hollywood Vampires


Can you imagine Alice Cooper, John Belushi, John Lennon and Keith Moon drinking ruthlessly, making jokes, fighting and shouting like kids? They were the famous Hollywood Vampires, a larger than life company that used to frequent on Rainbow’s loft in the ‘70s. Their tales are hundreds, their myths unbelievable, truly immortal as the decades passed by, the smoke was getting thicker and the rivers of alcohol were flooding.

Alice Cooper, who came up with the nickname of this infamous gang thought of making a covers album to pay tribute to his old friends that passed away, mainly because of their outrageous lifestyle. But, since the reception of such a project found a very warm welcome it soon turned it into a full band comprised of top of the bill all stars. Paul McCartney, Brian Johnson, Robby Krieger, Slash, Dave Grohl, Joe Perry, Perry Farrel, Joe Walsh, as well as actors Johnny Depp and the late Christopher Lee, who were the icing to the cake.

The album contains eleven covers and two original songs composed by Cooper, Depp, Bob Ezrin, Bruce Witkin and Tommy Henriksen. Some of the covers are worn out, while some others had rarely found a place in an album before, but no matter what this stellar cast do and no matter who good Bob Ezrin’s polished garage production is, there is nothing left from this album. Surely, they had a great time in the studio, recording, playing and sharing war stories, and of course those who saw them live had an even greater time (that was in the States of course, and only for three shows!)… the rest of us will rely on YouTube…