The Leather Nun – Whatever


The Swedes are almost a 30 years old band, however, “Whatever” is just their fourth studio album. They haven’t released an album since 1991 from  “Nun Permanent”.

Their style is something between gothic and rock with some industrial elements that show an attempt to sound like the Sisters Of Mercy. If indeed there is an attempt of this kind they should have already understood that this has fallen on deaf ears. The album suffers not only in terms of composition but in almost every aspect. Mediocre tracks, mediocre production, lack of ideas, lack of any element that this kind of music needs and when looked at it overall, it sounds out of fashion. I also try to figure out what is the purpose of the third track of the album titled “Dancing In The Rain” lasting just half a minute, being something like a retro introduction which was cut by the sound engineer at the rehearsal. “Red Hot Gwen” that follows, is also a mediocre song of a similar style, a completely odd bracket in an anyway problematic disc.

It is a meaningless release with one of the most uninspired covers I’ve ever seen.