The Murder Of My Sweet Beth Out Of Hell


I didn’t like the Swedes’ debut at all and I wasn’t crazy about “Bye Bye Lullaby”. I found absolutely nothing new in a pile of similar releases at the time when there was a big competition among bands of this type. Who is going to put the most famous guests in their album? Who is going to assign the mastering to the most well-known conductor, who is going to have the biggest sticker on the celluloid of their cd….and it all boils down to nothing!!!

Here things are a little better. The Murder Of My Sweet seem to be still looking for their music identity having metal female fronted bands from Scandinavia as a model and winking at the USA with a few pop touches in the composition and the production of “Beth Out Of Hell”. It’s about a concept album with a very original –I would say- story which concerns the love of Lucifer’s daughter with Archangel Michael.

Musically, what is missing from The Murder of My Sweet and “Beth Out Of Hell” is the nerve.

As a result the album sounds quite flat. Although the compositions were quite “digestible” I didn’t single out one that could boost the album even after a few hearings.
A mediocre release..