The Other – Fear Itself


One of the most interesting albums I’ve listened so far, it’s the German horror punks who sound like The Misfits and are very popular in their country. The title comes from US president Rousvelt’s famous phrase: “nothing to fear but fear itself”.

The first song will remind you of Rammstein due to the frontman’s, Rod Usher, similarity in vocals, as well because it’s in German. The rest of the album is in English, like the entirety of The Other’s discography. Despite the blow the band had to face when its two guitarists and bassist left leaving singer Usher and drummer Doc Caligari behind replacements were found in  Pat Laveau, Ben Crowe on guitars and Aaron Torn on bass, who also brought a breath of fresh air to the band’s sound. So, next to the classic horror punk influences by masters Misfits (both with and without Danzig) add some goth touches, loads of ’80s melancholy, catchy melodies, orchestral parts, even Maiden-ish dual guitars. In some points you might think of the Cult, or the 69 Eyes, while Usher’s style is similar to Michael Graves and Michael Poulsen. Another very important trademark of the album is that there are several moments where you can’t guess the direction some songs are going to follow, which is a  piece of undoubted evidence that the guys worked their asses off on composing the songs and binding together different elements.

Production duties were handled by Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc., Tiamat, Moonspell). “Fear Itself” is full to the brim with energy, horror aesthetics (daahhh!) and sticky songs that will easily find their way to a favourite’s playlist of the genre’s followers.

Highly recommended…