The Poodles is a valuable asset and a regular force to be reckoned with for the European melodic rock scene. With a career that spans more than five years now, The Poodles can always brag about their timeless hit “Night of Passion”. “Performocracy” –not the best title in the business, by the way- carries on in the same path that the Swedish had curved the last 5 years: catchy songs that their sonic roots can be traced in the early 90s, modern production, a few symphonic elements that display a pompous atmosphere and all in all a…vocal assault that remind of the glory days of arena and stadium rock.
Like in every single album by The Poodles, “Performocracy” could do without a couple of weak songs (for instance “As Time is Passing”, “I Believe In You”) but its top moments are absolutely stunning…I am referring to such songs as “Vampire’s Call”, “I Want It All” and “Father To A Son”. Generally speaking, “Performocracy” is a really good album with great production and brilliant performance!
Highlight: “Performocracy” is a word inspired by the combination of the words “Performance” and “Democracy”.