The Radio Sun – Heaven Or Heartbreak


Despite the fact that I am a huge fan of the Australian melodic rock scene (White Widdow rules!), I must say that I was greatly disappointed by The radio Sun’s sophomore album. If I had to use an expression for my exact feelings towards “Heaven Or Heartbreak”, I’d say “it was simply indifferent”. The band’s intention and the overall effort is surely appreciated but the final result doesn’t do them justice. The reason for that…? The weak compositions and the anemic production that doesn’t help –not even slightly- the mediocre level of the album.

The 80s arena rock bands, like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard, might have left their stamp on The Radio Sun’s sound –especially the latter’s influence in the backing vocals is obvious- but the band needs lots of time and effort in order to work on the quality of the songs. Possibly a better production could have altered the sonic outcome but I wouldn’t be that optimistic. “Heaven Or Heartbreak” is a mediocre album and in this era where we are bombarded with releases, it is doomed to remain almost invisible to the radars of the melodic rock scene.

Highlight: The band’s debut “Wrong Things Right” didn’t take us by storm but I guess it was as a step above its successor.