The Rockin’ Dead – Here Comes Darkness


The first thing that you notice upon gazing at the EPK of The Rockin’ Dead is the highly professional work that the guys had done in regards with the overall presentation of their album. From the photos stills up to the layout of the booklet and the cover sleeve of the CD, everything leaves you under the impressions that all is meticulously handled. Good starting point, ain’t it?

Truth be told here; I might not be the biggest fan of modern rock but I was always a huge fan of experimentation in music and of the constant search of new sonic horizons as long as a pure rock core is retained. That’s not negotiable. Luckily for all of us, “Here Comes Darkness” includes of those characteristic elements. What we have here is a bunch of well-crafted modern rock compositions with lots of alternative traces (mainly influenced by the British sound) that are projected through a moody atmosphere that the “dark” lyrics create. This is how I perceived “Here Comes Darkness” that I dare to say that is targeted towards a varied audience (from hard rock fans up to goth and alternative lovers). However, the two key words here are: experimentation and modern.

I would have preferred a better production and I sincerely hope that the talented female singer (Anna Economopoulos) would gain more self-confidence next time around because she possesses a really good voice that needs to be in the forefront. I believe that it’s only a matter of time.

So, all in all, for those who want to listen something new, something experimental, modern and qualitative without paying attention to musical signs or labels then I believe that The Rockin’ Dead is a safe choice. We will keep them under our radar…

Highlight: The song “No Man’s Girl” –apart from the fact that it is the absolute highlight of the record- should be the template for the future musical explorations of the band…