Royal Hunt – The Royal Cartel

Royal Cartel comes from Great Britain and their music reflects exactly the modern approach of how rock and metal music should sound. Powerful and sharp riffs, melodic choruses and a remarkable tight performance by the quartet are only a few of the striking elements that make this 6-track album a hopeful beginning for an even greater future for the band. This self-titled offering bears every potential of hitting heavy airplay in the radio and the rock clubs around the world and this is surely a thing that the band must take advantage of at a maximum degree.

The important fact is that my opinion about this band was shaped after seeing them live in concert. Most of the times, when you see an unknown group, you don’t get to keep in mind the song structure or the compositions but the overall feeling that the band sets out on stage. When I listened to the c.d., that feeling came back to me…
You can purchase the album and check The Royal Cartel out on www.theroyalcartel