The Scorpions release the ultimate nostalgic video for “Rock Believer”


Scorpions published their latest video for the title track of their upcoming album “Rock Believer”, which will be out on February 25th.

The clip features both archive material – that will definitely give their hardcore fans goosebumps- as well as the band playing the song.

“Look, we are around the world since 50 years or more. And when somebody can say he’s a rock believer, then this is us. And of course, we meet our rock believers in front of us, our audience.

“So many people said rock is dead. It’s not dead,” he continued. “It’s always coming back — sometimes, okay, more stronger [or] less strong — but in the end, it’s great to play around the world in over 80 countries we’ve played so far, and all rock believers. It was always great to share the music with them together and be in connection with them. I mean, that’s so amazing and so fantastic, that we are very happy to come out with a new album. And yeah, let’s see what’s happening”, says Rudolf Schenker.