The second and previously unreleased album by Blackthorne, the band featuting Graham Bonnet, Bob Kulick and Jimmy Waldo in the early ‘90s, titled “Don’t Kill The Thrill”, will be released through Cherry Red on September 2nd. Blackthorne recorded the album in 1994, but since Bonnet left the band those recordings never saw the light of day, they got David Glen Eisley on vocals and changed their name to Murderer’s Row. Cherry Red’s release contains the full album accompanied with loads of extra live previously unreleased material on a second disc and a booklet with recent interviews from the band’s members. Also, on the same date Cherry Red releases the band’s debut “Afterlife”, which is going to be enhanced as well with bonus material. Check below for the detailed tracklist of both albums.

Don’t Kill The Thrill  tracklisting:

Disc One:

“Don’t Kill The Thrill”
“Wild Inside”
“Skeletons In The Closet”
“Dreamin’ In The Hideaway”
“Man In The Black Hat”
“Twist The Blade”
“Judgement Day”
“Save Me”

Bonus Tracks

“Afterlife/We Won’t Be Forgotten” (Live Foundations Forum 1994)
“ Hard Feelings” (Live Foundations Forum 1994)
“Cradle To The Grave” (Live Foundations Forum 1994)
Japan Sony Music TV Interview 1
Japan Sony Music TV Interview 2
Japan Sony Music TV Interview 3
UK TV Interview / “We Won’t Be Forgotten” (Acoustic In UK)

Disc Two: Live Recordings

“Desert Song” (Foundations Forum 1994)
“Breaking The Chains” (Foundations Forum 1994)
“All Night Long” (Foundations Forum 1994)
“Wild Inside” (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
“Since You Been Gone” (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
“Hard Feelings” (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
“Wishing Well” (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
“Baby You’re The Blood” (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
“Will You Be Home Tonight” (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
“Breaking The Chains ”(Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
“We Won’t Be Forgotten” (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
“All Night Long” (Fresno Aug 29th 1992)
“We Won’t Be Forgotten” (Acoustic – Live In Japan 1993)

All tracks previously unreleased

Afterlife reissue tracklisting:

“Cradle To The Grave”
“We Won’t Be Forgotten”
“Breaking The Chains”
“Over And Over”
“Hard Feelings”
“Baby You’re The Blood”
“Sex Crime”
“Love From The Ashes”
“All Night Long”

Bonus Tracks

“Afterlife” (Unplugged – Sony Music TV Japan 1993)
“We Won’t Be Forgotten” (Unplugged – Sony Music TV Japan 1993)
“Rehearsal Reel” (“Mates” Studio La Dec 16th 1993)