The Steepwater Band – Live At The Double Door

With great honor and pleasure I give you a fabulous band and their brand new live album. I don’t have a clue whether we are the first Greek magazine featuring this tremendous power trio or not, I just hope that more fellow music editors will follow, so fans can find more and more about this awesome band.
This album actually covers one magical Steepwater night at home (Chicago), last May. Inside a packed Double Door, in front of friends and fans, Jeff Massey (guitars and vocals), Tod Bowers (bass) and Joe Winters (drums), played some of their coolest songs as well as their latest single, “The stars look good tonight”.
I don’t think we can say that much about the band’s performing ability… Honestly, what can one say about three musicians who started playing together in 1998? Seriously, what can one say about a live machine that gives more than 120 concerts a year? Completely tight, solid and featuring a guitar wearing rhythm and solo clothes; featuring a bass decorating everything within a mile radius; featuring thunderous drums and a VOICE leading it all. The motif is ROCK! Strong and firm and bluesy, staring at the 60’s and the 70’s and a whole lot more. You listen and you get nostalgic… Kinda bizarre as TSB are promoted as “Classic influences zero nostalgia”. Yet, when you read the interview we did with the band’s drummer, Mr. Joe Winters, nostalgia is apparent… as is these musicians’ quality… “Revelation Sunday”, baby!!!