SOUNDGARDEN vocalist Chris Cornell re-released his 1999 debut solo album,“Euphoria Morning”, on August 14 under the original title of “Euphoria Mourning”. The disc has been remastered and arrived on vinyl for the first time, along with CD and digital editions.

Cornell explained that he was persuaded to change the original name when the record was first released, telling Australia’s Rolling Stone magazine: “It was a pretty dark album lyrically and pretty depressing, and I was going through a really difficult time in my life — my band wasn’t together anymore, my marriage was falling apart and I was dealing with it by drinking way too much, and that has its own problems, particularly with depression. So I titled the album ‘Euphoria Mourning’, but right before the record came out and I was doing interviews over the radio, for example, if you say ‘Euphoria Mourning’, the listener doesn’t know if it’s mourning with a ‘u’ or morning without a ‘u.’ And that started to bother me. So I had a conversation with my manager at the time, and said I really love the title but do you think it’s confusing? And he suggested that ‘Euphoria Morning’ would probably be a better title. I thought, in contrast to the lyrics maybe that works.”