The Sullen – Rituals Of Death [EP]


Here we have a new one-man project by Petros “Elathan” Petalas (Néant, ex-W.E.B., Ex-Final Words Of Sorrow). This is also how Final Words Of Sorrow started, who quickly became a regular band. Their disband in 2018 gave birth to The Sullen, in which Elathan takes over every instrument and vocals. He is now based in the city of Trikala, as he moved there from Athens.

Prior to this EP, two separate singles were released. Specifically, “For Strange Times Ahead” and “Trials Of The Spirit” made their digital debut on the same day and are not included in this EP. Still, I will say few words about them as well.

The first is a very fast melodic death/black metal song that reminded me a lot of Nightfall from Greece. The second is a very nice atmospheric black metal track with a great melody. It reminded me a bit of the mighty Agalloch.

As for the EP, it consists of just three tracks lasting almost fifteen minutes. “Crimson” and “Earthen Sky” change their rhythm from doom to fast death/black outbursts. “Rituals Of Death” instead, stays in an atmospheric doom pattern. Elathan’s vocals are strictly extreme and the listener will find excellent guitar melodies and atmospheres that elevate the songs even higher.

It is not easy to put a specific label on them and this can only be good for The Sullen’s musical attempt. So, in the five songs that have been released so far under this name (two singles plus three from this EP) they show the several different influences of Elathan but also his ability to move easily in different musical themes, combining doom, death and black metal.

Finally, let me mention that the EP seems to exist only in digital form. So, it remains to be seen how it will move from now on and whether he will release a full-length album in order to have a more complete final product. First impression? Extremely positive. I will personally look forward to something new.