“The V” means Veronica and refers to Veronica Freeman who, after the extended failure of Benedictum, tries her luck under this uninspired name.

With very few exceptions, “Now Or Never” is also uninspired. If I try to translate the album’s title as her effort to climb back on the music scene, the word “never” prevails.

The album kicks off rather well with the very good “Again” which is however accompanied by a terrible video, but anyway it gives you the impression that something good is on the way. Unfortunately, Veronica’s hard rock is nothing special. There are just songs that could stand as fillers to a release. Most of them are tasteless compositions, very common musical themes that follow up “Again”. I must admit though that the songs hide a dynamic and attitude but only in their performance. The fact is that after listening to “Now Or Never” you get the impression that was rushed but an album that was written very sloppy… Veronica’s many and distinguished guests (Tony Martin, Jeff Pilson, Michael Sweet, Gary Berdonaro, Jerry Dixon and Mike Lepond) don’t save the situation.

We can easily surpass this release with just a simple check on You Tube and no…the exuberant and explosive presence of a singer doesn’t save a mediocre record.