While entering Kyttaro club a while after 21:00 I didn’t expect to see so little crowd. 40 people more or less, while Caelestia from Athens had already begun performing. Modern metal with clean female vocals while the bassist and composer of the band was contributing with some growls. He also was in charge of presenting the band and their songs.

With good chemistry and well practiced, although they were a little anxious at first. The sound unfortunately was very noisy and didn’t help them with their performance. They played songs from their first album (“Last Wish” – 2013) and from their second that they are currently working on. Also, as positive as it is to have Bjorn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork) as a guest in one of your songs, it is also very negative to choose playing this song live with all the vocals pre-recorded. Without impressing, they received a warm applause at the end of their set from a crowd that had started getting larger but still remained in a disappointing level. Too bad.

About half hour later, the soundcheck was done and for the first time in Greece, The Vision Bleak entered the stage. The started with “Hexenmeister” from their latest album and everyone was expecting to have a very pleasant night. Excellent sound, their songs sounded great without losing at all any of their dark atmosphere that we listen in their albums, while Konstanz was making the difference with his special vocals. Schwadorf next to him was great while playing the guitar. The two of them are together since the beginning of this band, they record everything in the studio and they perform live with session musicians. Smiling and cheerful all of them, Konstanz with his new haircut kept saying jokes with the crowd while announcing one great song after another and everything seemed ideal. They didn’t seem affected by the small crowd and they did their best to give us a night to remember. A crowd that was very enthusiastic, singing their lyrics, shouting the band’s name and the first mosh pit didn’t take long to start, songs like “The Night Of The Living Dead” helped a lot. As it was expected, they played many songs from their latest album (“Witching Hour”) which was released a few months ago while most of the songs were out of their first album (“The Deathship Has A New Captain”) which was released 10 years ago. Unfortunately, a while before midnight, they announced that “The Lone Night Rider” would be their last song but they would return after it to share some time with their fans. 80 minutes and 13 songs later, the lights went on and the concert ended. The only weak spot in an overall excellent performance of the Germans.

I hope that we will see them again and this time they will have more people to see them and more songs to play for us.

Setlist: Witching Hour (Intro)/Hexenmeister/Carpathia/The Vault Of Nephren-Ka/The Night Of The Living Dead/Cannibal Witch/Descend Into Maelstrom/The Wood Hag/Kutulu!/Wolfmoon/The Grand Devilry/The Blocksberg Rite/The Deathship Symphony/The Lone Night Rider

George Terzakis