The Winery Dogs – Hot Streak


Usually, supergroups don’t last for more than their debut album, while it’s even harder to keep the same people involved. The Winery Dogs seem that they are the exception to this rule as the trio of Kotzen-Sheehan-Portnoy returns for a second album a couple of years after their debut.

“Hot Streak” sounds wider and more diverse than the self-titled featuring more elements of classic rock and funk while the band seems tighter. Of course, there is always the harder side, as well as the blues side… as we mentioned on their debut’s review although these guys are super-players they don’t feel the need to show off their undisputed abilities but they are disciplined to every song’s needs with Kotzen delivering amazingly both on vocals and guitar. What can you say about the other two? They aer certainly one of the best rhythm sections around with thousands of miles in the counter and valuable experience as well as range that allows both of them to play everything and with everyone. The album in its total is very interesting with a lot of songs battling to become your favorite: “Oblivion”, “How Long”, “Think It Over”, “Empire”, “Devil You Know”.