Glory Or Death Records released a tribute album to Thin Lizzy featuring stoner rock/metal bands titled “Bow To Your Masters Volume 1: Thin Lizzy”. The most well-known bands on the album are High On Fire and Mos Generator and the album will be available by the end of July. For more information click here.

According to the label’s press release: “This is the first release in our “Bow to Your Masters” series of tribute albums designed to pay homage the bands that laid the foundation for all the great rock and metal in the world today. For this first release we took on Thin Lizzy, a band who’s fingerprint can be found on almost every popular rock/metal band of the last 30 years. “
Below you can check out High On Fire’s take on “Vagabonds Of The Western World”

Track List:
Mothership-Are You Ready
Mos Generator-Massacre
White Dog-Don’t Believe a Word
Wizzerd-Ray Gun
Red Wizard-Chinatown
KOOK-Thunder and Lightning
Slow Season-She Knows
Great Electric Quest-Cold Sweat
Goya-Cowboy Song
Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless)-Still in Love with You
Wo Fat-It’s Only Money
Funky Juncttion-The Rocker
Mouths of Thieves-Opium Trail
High on Fire: Vagabond of the Western World