In a recent interview Cristina Scabbia gave to the podcast, The Pit, she explained why Lacuna Coil are not writing any music at the moment.

When she was asked whether the band is working on new material taking advantage of the downtime that caused by the pandemic, she said: “”No. To be honest, no, because we didn’t want any of our music to be connected with this period, because it wasn’t something that we wanted to talk about. Of course, unconsciously, it will be inspiring us for the next record, because everything you live translates into music and lyrics unconsciously.

“The thing is that when you write a new record, it’s because you’re inspired by something,” she explained. “But if you don’t travel, if you don’t live experiences, if you don’t meet new people and [see] new cultures, I find it hard to find inspiration only through movies and — I don’t know — series on TV. I need to live to be inspired, and the same for the guys [in the band].”

Cristina went on to say that she and the rest of Lacuna Coil have previously used negative personal experiences as fuel for their songwriting. “I feel really inspired when something bad is happening, but at least something is happening, and I’m living it,” she said. “But this [pandemic] situation is really static.”