Thor – Metal Avenger


The muscular Canadian demigod of heavy metal is back! If you don’t know for whom we are talking about please do your research concerning this cheesy but talented bodybuilder, singer, actor, entertainer and graphic novel hero who has been producing records, movies and books for the past 40 years. And for these entire 40 years he has been persistent on trying to get a taste of the first league success which he briefly touched back in the 80s but eventually eluded him. Venturing beyond the boundaries of cheesy and kitsch with ease, he remains an authentic entertainer of an era gone and forgotten. I am a fan (mostly concerning music) for the past 20 years. Albums like Only the Strong can be easily filed as classics. Entertaining without a doubt but metal as hell despite the overall cheesiness. The last good Thor album was “Triumphant” back in 2002. A series of albums and compilations followed that didn’t rise up to the expectations. Metal Avenger comes to set the record straight. With an impressive list of guests such as (deep breath) Fast Eddie, Jay Jay French, Henry Rollins, Betsy, Jack Starr, Niklas Stalvind, Brian Forsyth and others, we get a trademark Thor product. All ingredients are present, cheesiness rises above the roof and fun is guaranteed. What I don’t know is what kind of audience is out there to receive and album like Metal Avenger or a persona like Thor. I really hope there aren’t that few like us left.