On an episode of “The Sopranos”, Gadolfini (Tony Soprano) characterized the talk about memories as the lowest form of conversation. Given that on the TV Show, Little Steven (of the E Street Band fame) was a regular character then almost instinctively comes to mind the famous Springsteen song “Glory Days” where The Boss recalls the boring glory days!

But, it’ only natural to talk about past times…it’s human and it’s part of our inner self. After all, we can only comprehend time through the memories (past), our experiences (present) and our expectations (future). Blind Guardian said it wisely: Time What Is Time!

pilourisIn Greece, back in the 80s, we managed to gather a big pile of memories via the aid of the state of the art VHS movies that monopolized the interest of the audience and made household names young and aspiring actors. Their main characteristic was actually two-fold: not only they paint a vivid picture of what was going on back in the day but they stubbornly refuse to fade away. It’s like all the rock n’ rollers out there (yes…you, you and…you)! Maybe, that’s one main reason why we have become so attached to those movie heroes because everything seemed or was so pure, simple and innocent. Even when the jokes were not of a top-rate level, you didn’t give a damn, because you were taken by the sheer atmosphere of the picture.
Those VHS movies are like Rock N’ Roll Music. It’s not coincidental the fact that you remain young and bold every time you find yourself watching those films…it’s the same thing with those blessed rock n’ roll records. You tend to find more comfort and happiness watching them than going out with those…mature, conscious and overall unhappy guys that have taken life so much seriously. Trust me when I am saying: those 80s VHS cult movies were pure Rock N’ Roll!  

Sakis Nikas