Thron – Abysmal


Just a year ago, Thron from Germany released the self-tiled debut album, that was presented in this page. It didn’t take them long enough to release their second. Something like that could result in bad quality, but it seems that they knew what they were doing after all.

For this band, things remain unchanged. We haven’t seen their faces yet, we don’t know their members and they choose to dress like the blacksters Mgla from Poland. This means jeans, hoodies and covered faces. Not that this has an impact in their music, many choose something similar for their own reasons but very few manage to distinguish.

Musically speaking, “Abysmal” takes as a foundation the sound of the debut album, but it’s clearly better in everything. First of all, this is melodic black metal with many thrashy elements. Don’t be afraid with the term melodic, this has nothing to do with cheesy melodies and clean vocals. Another interesting thing is the duration of the songs. Most of them are longer than six minutes in an album that lasts almost one hour. But they have done such a good job and even the longest tracks have interesting parts and differences so that they don’t repeat themselves. You can’t say it’s progressive, but I have to admit that it’s obvious that they really focused on the composition process.

Strong examples are “Under A Bloodred Sky” and “A Glorious Ride” that are longer than seven minutes and show a band who knows very well what is doing without leaving things in chance. A well-written album full of great riffs, excellent melodic solos, fast and devastating drumming, vocals that take no prisoners and ideal sound. From the best I’ve heard during this year.

For The Fans Of: Naglfar, Necrophobic, Dissection