The quartet from Swindon was created by XTC guitarist, Dave Gregory and Daniel Steinhardt (TheGigRig) and started in 2008. They are moving in the prog rock area and “Wired To Earth” is their first album. It includes five songs; three of them divide in parts and it’s a remarkable album although it lasts 38 minutes. On the other hand, the album contains elements many of their colleagues would be jealous of, regarding this demanding musical idiom. The musicians’ technical ability is noticeable by the first notes and, as a complete project, people outside progressive can also listen to it.

I had the pleasure to see that band live in March in Holland, over “Marillion Weekend 2011” and they left me with the best of impressions.
It is worth to check out Tin Spirits, they have a pretty well-set website, , where you can purchase the album for a good price, inside a fine digipack.