I am reading the press release and I notice somewhere that it says that the new TNT album is their heaviest offering since the “Knights Of The New Thunder” days. With a rising interest and a slight reservation, I slip the disc in the c.d. player and I am listening to the first notes of the brand new album of the Norwegian outfit. My first observation is that “A Farewell To Arms” is not that heavy but a little faster and harder than the last couple of records of the band. In addition, there are 2-3 moments which could have easily found a place in the tracklist of “Intuition” and have every potential of becoming classic songs and regular numbers in the live concerts. I am referring to “Don’t Misunderstand Me” and “Ship In The Night” that remind of the whole atmosphere of such songs as “10.000 Lovers” and “Intuition”.
The one thing that keeps impressing me is the similarity of Tony Mills’ voice to Tony Harnell’s one. All those years that I have been listening to those Shy records I had never made any comparisons (at least at such degree…). Founding members Ronnie LeTekro and Diesel Dahl deliver the goods and are –once again- flawless and brilliant and all in all, I’d say that “A Farewell To Arms” is quite remarkable and definitely far superior than some of the albums that TNT had recorded with Harnell behind the mic. (eg. “Firefly”, “My Religion”).
Highlight: LeTekro was once recruited by Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider for the recording of a defunct solo album by the outrageous singer…however, he ended up on some of the tracks of “Love Is For Suckers”.