TNT is Norway’s best-known hard rock band formed during the early 1980’s. They’ve released  their 13th studio album after 8 years of absence. This band has come to be a one man show situation, featuring the amazing guitarist Ronnie Le Tekro. Recently, TNT has reunited with Tony Harnell, the singer who gave them their greatest successes, but this lasted for a very short time. Instead, the new singer is a Spanish guy Mr. Bulsara, who in style brings Harnell in mind a lot. On the album there are most, if not all, of the elements that established  TNT as a great band in the 1980s, such as melody and melodic vocals and chorus, very melodic and guitars with personal element and of course memorable compositions. The truth is that all of the above exist but to a lesser extent in relation to TNT’s past, since XIII is a bit uninspired and some compositions like “Catch A Wave” are very light. Some very good tracks are “We’re Gonna Make It”, “Not Feeling Anything” and the ballad “Fair Warning”. My overall opinion is pretty good for XIII as TNT is an old favorite’s of mine, but I think there are better albums to spend our limited income. Recommended for die-hard fans only.