Queensrÿche’s singer, Todd La Torre, released the second single, “Vanguards Of The Dawn Hall”, from his first solo album, , “Rejoice The Suffering”, which is out on February 5th via Rat Pak Records.

The clip was filmed in Florida and features Todd and guitarist Craig Blackwell delivering the punishing track in front of a giant rock wall. The song and video was inspired by rock-climbing documentaries that Todd had watched while recording for the LP. The song further showcases the influence that metal has on La Torre has and continues to surprise fans and critics that know him from his work in Queensrÿche.

“‘Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall’ is a full-throttle thrasher,” Todd says. “We wanted a no-nonsense, fast-paced shredder, with intense guitar riffs, solos, drumwork, and vocals. This song was inspired by a few different documentaries surrounding two particular near-insurmountable feats of rock climbing. While initially written about those achievements, this song is really meant to represent and embody this very special breed and the spirit of all climbing.”