Todd Michael Hall – Letters From India


Todd Michael Hall is one of the best singers of our generation and just in case you were living in a cave or under a rock in the past few years, let us tell you that this is the guy that has skyrocketed with his voice the latest sonic endeavors by Riot and Burning Starr. Having said that, “Letters From India” is an entirely different affair as we get to discover another side of Todd’s multidimensional talent. You see his new solo album is not heavy metal (or even hard rock for that matter) and Todd is taking a left turn with “Letters…”. That doesn’t mean that the new stuff is below par or anything close to that…quite the opposite, really. This is a record that I wholeheartedly enjoyed and I believe you will, also, if you only give it a chance.

“Letters From India” is entirely based lyrically on Todd’s correspondence with his wife that started back in 1993. This is a bunch of ballads and pop rock songs with a main characteristic of being totally optimistic as Todd mainly focus on the positive and happy times with his wife. Naturally, the biggest asset of “Letters From India” is Todd’s voice who he didn’t fail to improve the whole dynamic of the album by providing multi-layered vocal harmonies. It would be an omission if we didn’t point out that all proceeds from the sale of “Letters From India” go to Rescue Ministries Of Mid-Michigan.

Highlight: Personally, the album kinda reminded me of Don Dokken’s and Kip Winger’s musical exploration on their last solo albums.