Tokyo Blade – Dark Revolution


The Tokyo Blade establishment has gone through some major turmoil throughout its 40 years of history. The main point of friction seemed to be the rocky relationship between the two pillars of the band, Andy Boulton and Alan Marsh since both have gone their separate ways in numerous occasions. During these last few years though, they seem to have found some common ground and Dark Revolution succeeds Unbroken in just a couple of years time. Truth be told, Marsh’s return didn’t seal the deal with an album better or at least equal to Thousand Men Strong that made quite an impact in 2011. But things are quite different with Dark Revolution since all the compositions are clearly of higher caliber. Classic heavy metal in the vein of Judas Priest (primarily) and Iron Maiden with its melodic moments, guitar laden as always and with Marsh delivering his signature style with imperishable pitch. The album flows swimmingly, based entirely on a fast paced metal style and with the notable absence of a ballad that in a personal note, I never miss.

I am always delighted when a band of such caliber manages to appear strong in such a competitive environment that the contemporary metal scene is. A scene that Tokyo Blade helped shape and grow by influencing hundreds of bands through a stream of classic songs and albums.