Tokyo Motor Fist Lions

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s quite possibly the best hard rock album of 2020! In a time and age where we’d gotten used to mediocre releases, here comes Tokyo Motor Fist and delivers a sonic assault of pure hard rock as it was used to be played back in the glorious 80s. And if the name doesn’t ring any bells, let me just say that this band consists of stellar and well-experienced musicians: Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Steve Brown (Trixter), Greg Smith (Rainbow), Chuck Burgi (Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult)…a super band or what?

“Lions” is the band’s sophomore effort after a critically acclaimed debut album that was released in early 2017. Let me be absolutely honest here; although I expected a really good album, never in a million years did I think that I would be blown away by “Lions”. But that’s what exactly happened! The new Tokyo Motor Fist album possess all those qualitative elements that every (hard rock) album should project: a crystal clear and not flat production, flawless performance in the studio and most importantly well-crafted, catchy tunes. From a musical standpoint, just imagine something in between Danger Danger (from the “Revolve” era) and classic Def Leppard with the vocals (both lead and backing ones) kicking major ass!

Don’t think it over and don’t waste any more time. Tokyo Motor Fist releases a diamond record; a record that all the hard rock fans were eagerly waiting for! Those who know me are fully aware of the fact that I don’t tend to use many superlatives and excessive characterizations for a new record…especially nowadays. But trust me when I am saying: “Lions” is here to stay and it’s already making all the hard rock fans around the world extremely proud!

Highlight: Ted Poley’s vocals and Steve Brown’s guitar really stand out!