Talking to Irish Sun legendary producer Tony Visconti revealed why his professional relationship with Phil Lynott was destroyed. “He might show up late after a late night and nurse a hangover for an hour or two. His team would supply him with endless cups of tea. Then he’d get up and play or sing and it felt like a private concert. The downside was the drug addiction. As a former drug addict I felt I had the right to talk to him about it. But his denial was too strong. He had arguments like ‘I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, I can handle it’, or ‘I can quit anytime’. It was the main reason why I couldn’t work with him any longer. It was too sad a situation for me to deal with.” Asked about which is the best Irish act his answer was pretty clear: “For sheer talent and great chops — Thin Lizzy. Also for Phil’s lyrics. They were poetry just written on paper. And he could sing very expressively and seductively. Every member of the band were brilliant.”