What a night! The Royal Arena was crowded, singing along and cheering throughout the two sets and the two bands that were scheduled for that night gave us a hell of a time!

Toto and 10cc have a little bit of history. Members of Toto, and more specifically Jeff Porcaro and David Paich, joined the original quartet of the 10cc – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme -, during their 1991 reunion for the recording of “…Meanwhile”. However, both bands have changed a lot throughout the years in terms of lineups – but, as they proved yet again today, still maintain and deliver the highest level of musicianship and performance.

Tonight, when 10cc took the stage at 8pm, Graham Gouldman was the only remaining original member, backed up by Rick Fenn, a veteran member of the band on lead guitar and vocals, Keith Hayman on keyboards, vocals, and bass guitar, Iain Hornal on vocals, percussion, and electric and acoustic guitar, and only for Sweden and Denmark, Ben Stone on drums substituting Paul Burgess.

For one hour, the Royal Arena was filled with some of the finest tunes of 10cc. Exceptionally memorable moments included Dreadlock Holiday, which the band finished by singing “don’t like Copenhagen – I love it”, and Donna, which was released exactly 50 years ago, and which the band sang a capella! Awesome!

Toto kicked off with Orphan and Hold the Line, setting the party on fire. With some amazing musicians to complement Steve Lukather on lead guitar and Joseph Williams as frontman, Toto took us to a more than 2-hour trip throughout the long history of the band. Steve Lukather gave a really warm and heartfelt introduction to all the band members:

The amazing Dominique “Xavier” Taplin, of Prince fame,  on keyboards, who substituted David Paich and who gave an astonishing, albeit bit too long for my taste, solo.

Robert “Sput” Searight on drums, who made his solo interesting by initially having the vocals of Bobby Kimball from I’ll supply the love playing at the background, then dueling (and honouring) Jeff Porcaro – who died exactly 30 years ago – and finally adding James Brown signature vocals at his drum set.

Steve Maggiora, discovered by Steve Lukather’s son Trevor, on keyboards and vocals (“Look him up on the internet, not on pornhub, the other one”), sang Waiting for your love, from Toto IV, which celebrates 40 years this year.

Warren Ham, the “darling of Copenhagen” and “one of the most incredible musicians I’ve ever known”, on horns and vocals, a veteran of Toto and of Ringo Starr.

John Pierce on bass guitar, who Steve Lukather knew him even “before we were born” and lived in the same neighborhood their whole life, and in Huey Lewis and the News for 30 years.

Joseph Williams, another childood friend of Lukather, singer, songwriter, producer, engineer and “one of the best friends I had my whole life”.

Finally, Williams introduced Steve Lukather as a guitar player who is not from planet earth. Maybe it’s true…

In other moments, Steve Lukather paid his respects to Jeff and Mike Porcaro and sing and dedicated Kingdom of desire to the former. He introduced I won’t hold you back, as a song for which many first times have been attributed, but it was also the favourite song of his mom.

The night ended with Rosanna and Africa, while Toto came back after a few moments to end this fantastic party with Stop Loving You.

10cc setlist: The Wall Street Shuffle, Art for Art’s Sake, The Dean and I, Good Morning Judge, The Things We Do for Love, I’m Mandy Fly Me, I’m Not in Love, Dreadlock Holiday, Donna, Rubber Bullets

Toto setlist: Orphan, Hold the Line, Till the End, I’ll Be Over You, Keyboard Solo, White Sister, Georgy Porgy, Pamela, Kingdom of Desire, Drum Solo, You Are the Flower, I Won’t Hold You Back, Waiting for Your Love, Home of the Brave, With a Little Help From My Friends, Rosanna, Africa, Stop Loving You (encore)