TOTO were forced to cancel; their Denver gig last night due to singer JOSEPH WILLIAMS taking Ill and being briefly hospitalised. But he’s doing ok – here’s his update:
To the wonderful Toto fans, friends and family,
Last night in Denver I experienced my first real bout of altitude sickness! That, plus some dehydration that I wasn’t keeping track of, concerned me enough to get checked out by a doctor at the local hospital as the paramedics on site deemed it a necessary precaution.
Ultimately docs said I was totally fine, told me to drink more water and sent me back to the tour bus.
I am AOK and will see everyone at the show tomorrow night in Salt Lake City!
I am SO sorry for scaring folks and for the inevitable cancellation of our show in Denver.
I promise at the earliest opportunity we will return to Colorado to make it up to all of you who came out to see us.
Big thanks all of you and my brothers and sisters in Toto for the amazing show of support.
Love and Blessings
Joseph Williams