Touch Tomorrow Never Comes

We didn’t see that coming…right? After more than 40 years, the mighty Touch returns with a sophomore effort and with the original line-up, too! I am sure that even the most superficial AOR fan can’t get enough of the classic “Don’t You Know What Love Is” that opened the debut album by Touch back in 1980. An instant classic. Speaking of classic, the ever-flawless Mark Mangold has treated us once again with some really awesome tunes thus proving that every single thing that he touches, becomes…(Man)gold! Let’s take a more in-depth look into the album as truth being told here, I didn’t know what to expect by Touch after a 40-year hiatus.

“Tomorrow Never Comes” proudly displays the unmistakable touch of Mangold…not that we had the slightest doubt, that is. This is an AOR gem that features scattered prog traces here and there which is, after all, Mangold’s trademark style. The title track is absolutely representative of the whole album aesthetic with its first opening chords bringing in mind the latest work by American Tears. Having said that, the best cuts on the album are the magnificent “Let It Come” (which slightly reminds of the “Don’t You Know…” attitude), “Glass” and “Wanna Hear You Say”.

I must underline, though, that “Tomorrow Never Comes” is an album that needs many listening sessions in order to let it fully grasp you and truly appreciate it. In addition, “Tomorrow Never Comes” has absolutely nothing in common with the modern AOR releases with their flat and plastic productions! On the contrary, Touch’s second effort leaves you under the impression that it carries on right where the band stopped back in the early 80s. All in all…in Mangold and in Touch We Trust!

Highlight: I would give anything for a new collaboration between Mangold and Bolton.