Tower Of Babel – Lake Of Fire


From the “tower of Babel” to a lake of fire… from the first riff that jumps out of the speakers you know exactly where you are… your hair won’t stay still for long listening to the most honest ‘70s-‘80s hard rock revival that flooded our ears for a long time now. This as an album that leaves you gasp for air from the very first moment that gets in your stereo, PC or mibile phone. No, Tower Of Babel didn’t reinvent the wheel. It’s not a question of originality, but how good they are at what they are doing.

Joe Stump goes through every worshiped guitar hero with the man in black being a common reference. Swiss singer Csaba Zvekan is the band’s wild card with his raspy, ballsy, rich voice which sounds like it’s coming from a fairytale and it’s tailor made for this kind of music. Maestro Mistheria’s contribution on keyboards is not descript but decisive and very beautiful. The battle tested rhythm section of Mark Cross and Nic Angileri lays the foundation to the Tower. The production is old-school, crystal clear and that also plays a great role in this hell-of-an-album.

Fans of gutsy and ballsy hard rock that love Rainbow, Purple, MSG, Axel Rudi Pell and everything in between should check this album now!