Toxicrose-Total Tranquility


After waiting patiently for four years, I have finally listened to  the debut album of one of my favorite Swedish glam bands. Many people will get confused with the cover of “Total Tranquility” so it’s my job to inform you that Toxicrose is not a death metal band but mostly a glam metal band with strong power metal chords. So if you think that the album will sound like Children Of Bodom or Dissection, think again. If you are open-minded or open to different music styles then you should definitely check this band although they chose Juanjo Castellano for the design of their cover (…just kidding, but check his page and you will get my point)!

When I first listened to their EP in 2012, I knew this band will blow my mind… and it did. I listened to the Toxicrose EP 10 times in one day and while I am writing this review I still think about it. Although listening to “Total Tranquility” helped me forget about the EP for a while, I don’t feel the same about it yet .I guess the EP deserved 10 points and the album 8 points, which is still an awesome grade when the max scale is 10. But this is just how I feel about it and I am sure that many fans won’t feel the same.

Toxicrose are not great only because of their really inspired songs and the amazing music production, but they also have an amazing stage performance. A  Toxicrose live definitely reminds me of Motley Crue and W.A.S.P. era .Their makeup and clothes is a mix of Motley Crue meeting  Behemoth and that comes to a really unique result. This is a band ready to burn the stage to the ground and drive every fan insane!

The album starts full of power with ”Word Of Confusion” which is also the first videoclip of the band and it’s a great example of what Toxicrose is all about. You will also notice that behind the strong make up there are familiar faces from the sleaze community!

Οne more videoclip of the band is ”We All Fall Down”, which is one of the great songs of “Total Tranquility” with many smart musical swapping and strong riffs. To sum up I will pick my two favorites of the album and these are ”Sinner” and ”The Silent End Of Me”.
The first Toxicrose album is great overall and I can’t wait to check out their amazing live performance. Till then you can also enjoy the new album and trick a death metal fan into listening to it. He might not admit it but he will definitely love it in the basement!