Tracer – Water For Thirsty Dogs


Stranded in a stable in the middle of nowhere away from friends, family and girlfriends, fired from their day jobs and with no record deal Tracer spent weeks rehearsing, writing and recording their third album “Water For Thirsty Dogs”.

Musically, there are not too many changes from what we’ve heard on “Spaces In Between” in 2011, although they sound more mature now, with great ideas and themes that challenge the narrow limits of what we call “stoner rock” and getting away from the “I-am-totally-influenced-by-the-70s-and-Zeppelin” cliché. The production of the album which the boys took care of themselves, and that’s a paradox, sounds even better that on their last one, “El Pistolero”, where Kevin Shirley was hired.

The change on bass, and newcomer Jett Heysen-Hicks didn’t affect anything, the gas  sticks to the floor and their songs sound great. It seems like after a decade the band has found its way, knows how to handle its qualities, write good music and most of all maintains a streak of good releases that raises to 3 out of 3.

For all of those that really love music, but still can’t make a living out of it, Tracer are the absolute heroes, the rockstars next door who may tour all around Europe rocking out and bringing the chills to their audience, but when they get back to Adelaide reality crashes them back to Earth. Still, they live for the next album, the next show keeping the dream alive!