Trail Of Murder – Shades Of Art

Urban breed (vocals – how come he’s not using a capital “B” for his last name – the bloodbound syndrome?) knew Daniel Olsson (guitar) since Tad Morose. They were bandmates and, at some point, they left and decide to do a project together. Urban was also singing for bloodbound and Pelle Ekerlind (Morgana Lefay, LadyDie) is their drummer. The three of them got along just fine and started composing… First Trail album was already in the making.
Melodic Metal, with some Hard Rock features and beautiful, totally beautiful choruses. “Shades of art”, album opener, is our guide to those choruses. A massive touch of backing vocals and some amazing melody vocal lines. “Your silence” is the classic superchorus hit. Urban’s voice is rough, wild, melodic and powerful. Is it also a bit Khan-ic or is it just me? Rest of the musicians sound huge; they all the have the right sound for the species, guitar solos are exquisite. At this point we need to mention messrs. Hasse Eismar (guitar) and Johan Bergquist (bass), these two gents complete the line-up.
Friends of melodic Metal and we’re talking ultimately Melodic Metal, will be thrilled when listening to this album. This one contains songs that one can listen to non-stop, first track to last one, without any problem, without negative comments. They will simply listen to them with full attention and passion. This is a splendid team, my only concern is to overcome the “one-off thing” obstacle. We’ll see how it goes…