Mark Tremonti has an interesting story. He started off as Scott Stapp’ s wingman in Creed, the leaders of the American teenage rock scene that Mtv promoted at the end of the millennium, right before the internet diminished its power, and was transformed thanks to his collaboration with Myles Kennedy (Slash), Alter Bridge, to one of the most respected hard rock composers of our time. Alter Bridge gained some metal fans due to the increasingly heavy moments in their records and, to my pleasure, mister Tremont further explores exactly that side of his playing in his debut album, All I Was.
The multitalented guitarist originally from Detroit Rock City cites Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Slayer and Metallica as some of his favorite bands. The album contains riffs that could have been written by James Hetfield and solos reminiscent of Kirk Hammett, brilliant ideas that didn’t fit in his other projects and stayed on the shelf.  Tremonti creates simple songs with the right balance between power and melody, great production and a wonderful guitar tone. This is his first attempt as a lead singer as well, and while he’s not impressive at it, his vocal melodies match the music perfectly and give the listener the urge to push the replay button.