Tremors – Frozen Shores

Tremors is a German band that was formed in 1994 but has only released very few opuses since then.  With “Frozen Shores” (the second full-length) earning bigger recognition is unlikely to happen. Unfortunately.

Now let’s go directly to the musical part. This outfit consists of six members and plays melodic death metal heavily influenced by the Swedish scene. The record starts and ends with a dark –almost gothic- mood as the keyboards, the whispers and a few other effects are dominant in the songs. In between Tremors quit the haunting atmosphere and the music changes to mid-paced rhythmic death metal with lots of cuts within the songs. Bottom line: “Frozen Shores” has left me with an insipid taste as there’s nothing original or notable here.

As for the rendition on Deep Purple’s “Perfect Strangers”, well, that’s a mediocre attempt; exactly like the “Frozen Shores” as a whole.